Wrist drop & Foot drop

Treatment for a Wrist Drop solely depends on the cause of the condition. In mild cases of Wrist Drop, just a period of rest along with use of splints and some physical therapy exercises may be enough to treat the condition. In moderate to severe cases of Wrist Drop, a surgery may be done to treat the condition.

The procedure will be done to repair the radial nerve and if there is any compression of the radial nerve then to free the nerve so that symptoms of wrist drop can be controlled. Postsurgery, the hand affected with wrist drop may remain immobilized for a few weeks to allow the wounds to heal.

After appropriate time has elapsed allowing the wound to heal, then the patient may undergo physical therapy focusing on strength and range of motion. Gradual return to work may commence after about 15-20 weeks post surgery. In case if surgery is not required to treat wrist drop then the following home remedies can be tried:
Resting the wrist until the patient feels return of strength and sensation

Use of splint or sling can be a vital part of treatment for Wrist Drop.

The patient needs to avoid positions that may put pressure on the wrist or underarm. Avoiding repetitive motions of the wrist will also be helpful.

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