Unweighing System

The Biodex Unweighing System enables partial weight-bearing therapy to be conducted with the assurance of patient comfort and safety, and with convenient access to the patient for manual assistance and observation.

Unlike the simple patient lift devices, Biodex Unweighing System incorporates a dynamic suspension system that accommodates the vertical displacement of the center of gravity that occurs during normal gait. Biodex’s patented off-loading mechanism maintains constant force; simply dial the amount to off load.

Clinical GuidelineWhen walking, an individual’s center of gravity typically moves through a vertical range from one to four inches, depending on walking speed. The Biodex system accommodates up to four inches of vertical displacement while maintaining a consistent level of unweighing.

Another component of normal gait is pelvic rotation. Two-point suspension systems have a tendency to restrict rotation on the horizontal plane. They respond to pelvic rotation similar to the way a playground swing undulates back to neutral after being twisted. The single-point suspension of the Biodex system allows unrestricted pelvic rotation.

Patients can train for weight-bearing ambulation without compromising proper gait kinematics. Should pelvic stabilization be desired, retention cords can be attached to special attachment rings on the sides of the support vest, secured to the frame, and adjusted for the specific degree of pelvic stabilization.

The ability to allow rotation has other advantages. When training with a treadmill, single-point suspension permits functional pelvic rotation and versatility when walking, side-stepping, retro-walking and turning. With a Biodex Unweighing System, the patient can change direction without repositioning the entire patient support system.

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