Spinal Disc Problems

Spinal pain is one of the main reasons why many clients come to see us. There are many structures in the spine that can cause pain or other symptoms such as stiffness, paraesthesia (pins & needles), or referred pain into the arm or the leg. Symptoms can come from the joints, discs, muscles nerves or may not even be coming from the spine itself. The problem can be from muscles overworking, underworking, poor posture, wear and tear and a huge number of other factors.

Low back pain

Mid-back pain, spasm, muscle knots


Sacro-iliac joint pain

Pregnancy-related back pain

Mechanical Spinal Pain

A lot of people that we see have what is classed as ‘mechanical spinal pain’. This is pain caused by dysfunction of some spinal structure e.g a stiff joint or spinal segment or muscle strain similar to what you can get in any other part of the body. This can be caused by an injury or in many cases a constant misuse of the body e.g. with poor posture, using the wrong muscles to achieve a movement or muscle imbalance.

We can carry out a physiotherapy assessment and give you a clinical diagnosis as to what we think the problem is and provide treatment if appropriate.

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