Hip & Knee replacement Rehabilitation

Following your surgery, you will have many weeks of physical therapy (PT) to help ease your operated knee back into activity. PT is an integral part of your recovery and is very important in determining the outcome of your surgery.

We have a list of commonly used exercises, but your surgeon and physical therapist will prescribe a specific set of exercises that is best for your unique case.
These exercises are important to your overall recovery – preventing blood clots, improving circulation, improving flexibility and knee movement and strengthening muscles. While they may feel uncomfortable at first, they will
become easier with time and help you return to normal activity.

Your physiotherapist may be trained in hands-on physiotherapy techniques such as:
  • Joint mobilisation (gentle gliding) techniques,
  • Joint manipulation,
  • Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation (PIM).
  • Minimal Energy Techniques (METs),
  • Muscle stretching,
  • Neurodynamics,
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