G.B. Syndrome

GBS disease or Guillain-Barre Syndrome is a disease of the nervous system due to damage to the myelin sheath around nerves. The myelin sheath acts as an insulator the same as rubber or plastic around electrical wires. Ascending paralysis, weakness beginning in the feet and hands and migrating towards the trunk, is the most typical symptom. It can cause life-threatening complications, particularly if the breathing muscles are affected or if there is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The disease is usually triggered by an acute infection.

In many cases it follows shortly after a virus infection. It is also rarely associated with immunizations, surgery, and childbirth.Although most people recover from GBS disease, the length of your illness is unpredictable, and may require months of hospital care and rehabilitation.

As nerve function returns, patient may need assistance to learn how to use affected muscles. Rehabilitation may include several types of therapy.

Physical therapy. Physical therapy stimulates muscles and joints to rebuild strength, flexibility and range of motion.
Occupational therapy. Occupational therapy focuses on activities to help patient be as self-sufficient as possible in daily life.

Assistive devices. patient may need to learn to use assistive devices, such as leg or arm braces, canes, walkers and wheelchairs to aid mobility during recovery or, if GBS causes permanent disabilities, for long-term use.

Physiotherapy treatment for GBS disease will:
  • Regain patient’s independence with everyday tasks.
    Retrain normal movement patterns by teaching patient how to achieve activities in different ways.
  • Muscle strength training, exercising as often as possible in the correct way.
  • Stretch tight muscles and prevent soft tissue contractures.
  • Improve patient’s posture in lying, sitting and standing and sleeping.
  • Increase patient’s mobility.
  • Increase balance and coordination.
  • Increase fitness and energy levels.
  • Increased ability to relax.
  • Promote recovery.
  • educate about GBS disease and symptoms.
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