Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Rest & Patient Education

Resting from the aggravating cause is important. Education and awareness about what the symptoms and what positions or activities potentially cause carpal tunnel syndrome is important. Sim et al (2011).

Night Wrist Splint

A nighttime wrist splint is beneficial to eliminate wrist bending and therefore carpal tunnel symptoms. Muller et al (2004). Your physiotherapist may recommend a splint. A suitable carpal tunnel wrist splint can be found here: carpal tunnel brace


Physiotherapy is beneficial for most carpal tunnel sufferers especially in mild to moderate cases.

Your physiotherapist will address:

Carpal bone mobilisation and flexor retinaculum stretching to open the carpal tunnel. Tal-Akabi & Rushton (2000).
Nerve and tendon gliding exercises to ensure full unrestricted nerve motion is available. McKeon & Hsieh (2008).
Muscle and soft tissue extensibility. Moraska (2008).

  • Cervicothoracic spine to correct any referral or double crush syndromes. Kwon et al (2006).
  • Grip and pinch, thumb abduction and forearm strengthening in later phases. Pinar et al (2005).
  • Comprehensive upper limb, wrist and hand ROM strengthening and endurance exercises.
  • Posture, fine motor and hand dexterity exercises. Abd-Elkader et al (2010).
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